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Heyho all,

Today I brought you some reviews about Soothing Gel,
Now you’re not ony be pampered by only Aloe Vera soothing gel, but more variant of soothing gel available from Milatte 

Milatte itself is one of brand from BEAUADD CO.LTD
BEAUADD is cosmetic and body care company, located in South Korea,
In Indonesia Milatte is imported by PT. Sung San International
They have various soothing gel, like from Tomatoes, Milk, Snail, and also has Aloe Vera too.
I’m going to review Milk and Snail variants.
Now, Let’s jump up to the products

First I will review about Milk Variant Soothing Gel,
The texture is very soft and very thick with white colour
Ingredients : Water, Alcohol, Milk Protein Extract 

As you can see on the back side of the products , IT’S Free from this 5 things : Free of Paraben, Tar Colorant, Mineral Oil, Benzophenone, Benzyl Alcohol.
Maybe the alcohol on the ingredients is different than Benzyl Alcohol.

The information of Benzyl Alcohol you can find it from below :
Benzyl alcohol is an aromatic alcohol with the formula C₆H₅CH₂OH. The benzyl group is often abbreviated "Bn", thus benzyl alcohol is denoted as BnOH. Benzyl alcohol is a colorless liquid with a mild pleasant aromatic odor. It is a useful solvent due to its polarity, low toxicity, and low vapor pressure

Different one indeed..

The packaging with giant jar like the usual your soothing gel jar. I admit it's not very hygiene that's why you need to wash your hand before using this.

Milatte Milk Soothing Gel after I used it for about 3 days, so far for the whitening effect I haven't see subtle changes, it does give me bit fairer tone but I think it's because the color of this shooting gel is white.
but the moisture claim, wow it does moisture my skin very well,I always used it at the night before I go to bed, and the results my skin feel pumpier at the morning, I will recommended this for you to need strong effect of moisturizer. So far I love how fast it absorbs well into my skin

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